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Why you should not upgrade

I’ve been thinking about this subject for a while now and I think I should write about it. And I don’t think I can be nice about this. But I should just say what I want to say how i want to say it because I think there is not enough knowledge out there about this subject. And the subject is………..upgrading.


Just because an upgrade is available does not mean you should upgrade. But when I look at various Facebook groups and various blogs it’s full of DJ’s that just chose to upgrade because the upgrade was available and now are in desperate need of help.


Before you upgrade you should always consider the following points:


What would you gain with an upgrade?


This is one thing you should always ask yourself? What do you gain with an upgrade? Is that upgrade going to make your music sound better? Are you going to perform better with this upgrade? Is the audience going to dance harder with this upgrade? Will it get you more jobs?  When I ask these questions to DJ’s and Musicians it is mostly quiet. And the reason is that so many of them upgrade for the wrong reasons. Having that cool new operating system is not a good reason at all. What good does it do when the upgrade messed up your computer and you can’t do your job anymore?


What happens to your computer when you upgrade

There are a couple of things that happen to your computer when you upgrade. You should definitely be aware of this


  • Loss of speed: An upgrade mostly means that the new software is going to be a heavier load on your cpu. That also means that your laptop becomes slower. Your phone is a good example of that. You see your phone slow down over time, don’t you? It is actually not your phone that is getting slower. It is your new software demanding more from the phone’s cpu than the previous software and thus making the phone slower. The very same thing will happen to your computer. Your once very fast computer suddenly has become a very slow computer that barely can handle it’s software.
  • Compatibility issues: especially Mac users suffer this. Having a new operating system can mean that you need to upgrade your DJ software as well. There is a good chance that your freshly new installed operating system won’t work with your current DJ software. So you need to upgrade your DJ software as well. With that mind, look at the previous section about speed.
  • Bugs: Although software is tested, a new version can have it’s bugs. Especially when it just comes out. So if you are one of the earlier upgraders, it means that you are now the guinea pig. And that means a whole heap of trouble. Downgrading afterwards often does not solve the problem. The damage has already been done so now you are stuck with it.


“The latest” does not mean “the greatest”

Some people see an upgrade as being “better”. That is not true. Sure there are some new tricks in the new software. But that does not mean better. These companies research their software but they can never get all the bugs out. They will be found when people start complaining. One of those people can be you. This may not be such a problem when it’s your computer where you just play games on or do some social media. But if this is your DJ laptop, in other words your bread and butter it’s a whole different story.

Ever noticed that after an update quickly another update becomes available? That is because now they have fixed some of all the bugs. But by this time you may already have lost your DJ job.

What are good reasons to upgrade?

  • There are problems with your current software and the new upgrade fixes those issues
  • Your DJ software has an upgrade available that brings you functionalities that you absolutely need to have and will elevate your DJ game.

Before you upgrade you always check all the following points:

  • You have an official statement from the manufacturers of your software that states that all of the software you have will run perfectly with one another
  • You heard news from many other professionals in your field that the software is safe to install
  • Never be a trendsetter when it comes to upgrading but always wait until you absolutely know for sure it’s safe to upgrade.

Stay safe, be hesitant with upgrades

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